Charge Air Coooler

A Charge air cooler is an air-to-air heat exchanger that is placed between turbocharger and engine to reduce temperatures of the charged air before getting into the engine. A turbocharger forces more air into the engine, which in turn causes heat and expansion, thus reducing the amount of air that can go directly into the engine. The cooler, therefore, reduces the temperatures by cooling the air to allow more of it to get into the engine, thus increasing the engine performance. A well placed cooler will lead to an improved performance of engines, especially for smaller automobiles like motorcycles. The increasing demand for conservation of fuel and reduced emission has resulted in the device being a component of modern day engines. It has several accrued benefits.

More power and torque

Power and torque are directly related to the amount of air entering the combustion chamber. By lowering the charge air temperatures, this results in a higher volume of air entering the combustion chamber. This will in turn increase power and torque of the engine if the motorcycle is tuned correctly. In fact, it can increase the power of the engine by as much as 30 compared to the non-fixed ones.

Better Fuel Consumption

The engine will increase the level of fuel burning. This will result in improved fuel consumption and thus, more mileage with efficient fuel usage. The explanation behind this is the better efficiency as a result of more power and torque for the same engine capacity. The lowering of temperatures also results in less friction.

Improved Reliability

It cools the charge air resulting in cooler exhaust gas temperatures. Highly affected areas by exhaust gas temperature are cylinder heads and pistons. The exhaust gas from the engine is normally utilized in the turbocharger for compressing fresh air to charge the engine through a positive pressure which is more than the ambient conditions. Research proves that every drop in scavenge air temperature will reduce the exhaust temperature by more than 5 degrees Celsius. So, when the engine components are kept at stable temperatures, it will reduce failures.

Eliminate Engine Knockout

charge air coolers eliminate the need for wasteful means of lowering intake charge temperature by ensuring that the excess fuel is injected into the induction chambers before flowing to the cylinders. A spark-ignition engine is at risk of experiencing premature ignition when exposed to hot air. If the hot air is fed into the combustion chamber directly, there is a higher chance of detonating the engine. An intercooler will, therefore, enable the engine operate on safer grounds as engine knock is greatly reduced.

Reduce intake of gas temperature

Intercooler reduces the intake of gas temperature it can result in almost 85 to 200 degree Celsius drop in intake air temperature. This will result in a denser and powerful airfuel ratio thus reducing the chances of pre-ignition and this eliminates the reduction in power.

For safer and efficient operation of your automobile, you need to install the right air cooler. It is also important to adhere to standard equipment tailored for your automobile. If not fitted, it can lead to several damages including loss of power, engine damage and inefficient fuel consumption.